The Kindlein Silver Microphones have produced excitement in London or Berlin, in exhibitions or on stage, “live” or on TV broadcasts, after their first launch at the Silver Microphone Gala in Timisoara.
design monat graz silver microphones

The jewelry artist Hermine Prügger has invited Emil Kindlein to display the “Silver Microphones Story” into her atelier for the Design Month Graz 2018. The two artists will also be hosting workshops and make presentations as part of the Design in the City project.

direct to disc recording silver microphonesThe exhibition will be opened from the 4th of May to the 6th of June. During the design month we invite you to experience “live” direct to disc recording sessions. Using the Silvermicrophones and a Presto record lathe, Emil Kindlein will cut fresh grooves onto vinyl records. Musicians are welcome.

Details about the exact dates and hours coming soon.
Stay tuned…

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